Tired Eyes: Is There An Eye Care Treatment For You?

27 June 2022
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If your eyes feel tired and irritated throughout the day, you may wonder if there's an eye care treatment available to you. Your eyes can become tired and irritated from a number of things, including eye fatigue. An optician can help you find the treatments you need to care for your eyes properly. Learn more about tired eyes and how you can find the eye care treatment for your problem below.

Why Are Your Eyes So Tired and Irritated?

If your eyes stay tired and irritated, you may not do everything you set out to do each day. You may wonder why your eyes stay tired and irritated in the first place. Eye fatigue may be one of the reasons behind your tired, irritated eyes. 

When you constantly expose your eyes to things that weaken or distort them, such as the bright light on your smartphone or tablet, your eyes become fatigued and irritated. People who expose their eyes to too much bright light during the day begin to squint. Squinting overuses and weakens the muscles in your eyes. 

Eye fatigue can make your eyes feel itchy and watery. You may also blink less than you normally do during the day. Blinking keeps the surfaces of your eyes moist and free of debris. 

If you reduce the time you spend on your computer or device, you may be able to ease the symptoms in your eyes. But if you can't cut down on using your computer or device, you can obtain eye care treatments from an optician to make your symptoms less stressful on you. 

How Can an Optician Help You?

An optician is an eye specialist who makes, repairs, and sells eyeglasses and contact lenses. An optician also specializes in eye care treatments. When you visit an optician, they'll examine your eyes. If your eyes are relatively healthy, an optician will provide the eye care treatments you need to ease your symptoms.

One of the eye care treatments an optician may offer you is eye drops or washes. The eye drops and washes offered by an optician may be stronger than the products you find in stores. The eye care treatments use special ingredients to soothe the redness and itchiness in your eyes. The treatments may also lubricate the surfaces of your eyes. If you don't blink much during the day, the treatments may be a great help to you.

Learn more about eye fatigue and how to soothe your symptoms by consulting an eye care service—such as Southern  Colorado Eye Care Associates—today.