Keep Your Kids' Eyes Healthy This Holiday Season

11 December 2019
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Just about everyone has seen the classic movie A Christmas Story and heard the infamous warning about how the air rifle in that film was going to shoot the little kid's eye out. But while that's a dramatic example cooked up by Hollywood, the truth is that life could imitate art in a way you and your family will not appreciate this holiday season if you are not careful. If you want to keep your kids (and the adults) safe this holiday season, here are some tips that might help.

You Might Not Shoot Your Eye Out, But You Can Certainly Hurt Yourself or Someone Else

You might not be getting your kid an air rifle this Christmas, but there are plenty of other kids' toys that shoot projectiles that you should probably be wary of. Any type of toy gun or device that launches a projectile should probably be left on the shelf at the toy store. Your kids probably already play rough at times, and it's not like they need any help getting into trouble. Keep any device that could actually shoot an object towards someone's face far, far away from your children.

Don't Forget the Headgear When Buying Sports Equipment

If your little one wants a new bicycle, don't forget a helmet and maybe goggles to shield their eyes from the wind and debris as they peddle down the road. If your kid wants a hockey stick, don't forget a helmet complete with a faceguard or visor that will come down over their eyes and block flying hockey pucks as needed. If your kid wants a new swimsuit to start training for the high school swim team next year, don't forget underwater goggles designed to keep your child's vision clear and free of chlorine as they swim underwater.

Make the Entire Family Wear Protection While Cutting Down the Tree

Cutting down and bringing in a live tree is a family tradition for many. If you and your kids will be working together to cut off tree branches and prepare the tree to come inside the house, make sure everyone is properly protected. Long sleeves and pants should be worn by all, but don't forget the safety glasses to protect from flying bark or tree limbs as you cut things down to size.

Contact your eye doctor if you encounter any problems this holiday season. In the meantime, make sure you and your kids stay smart when it comes to gifts and holiday decor.