Options For Your Glasses

23 June 2018
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If you have gone in to see your optometrist and had an eye exam, then they may have told you that you are in need of glasses to correct your vision. If this is the case, then you should educate yourself on some of the different options you can choose from when you buy your glasses. Here are some of the options you have to choose from.

Hard or soft case – You may have the option to choose between a hard case or a soft case to keep your glasses in when you aren't wearing them. You should opt for the hard case. It will protect your glasses a lot more than a soft case, should you happen to drop it or even if someone were to accidentally sit on the case. You should always bring your case with you if there is the chance you will be taking your glasses off for a good length of time, so you know they will be safe where you set them.

Get the anti-scratch coating put on them – You can choose to have the anti-scratch coating applied to your glasses when they are making them. It's a very good idea to do this, as the coating helps prevent your lenses from scratching. Something as simple as rubbing your glasses clean with the wrong material can leave small scratches in the lenses that you will have to deal with from that point forward.

Get the anti-glare coating put on them – You can have another coating put on the lenses of your glasses that helps to cut down on the horrible glare you can get from lights that make some things hard, such as driving at night with your glasses on. This is another option you should go with.

Consider tint – Unless you are going to purchase a pair of prescription sunglasses, which is an option you may very well want to consider, you can have tint put on the lenses. The great thing about this tint is it automatically lightens up inside and darkens up when you go out into the sun.

Choose the right frames for your face – Make sure you purchase frames you will be happy with. People with different shapes of faces look good in different shapes of glasses. You should try the different shapes and take pictures of yourself in them, so you really know how they look on you.

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